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Our profession is uniquely positioned to be early adopters of computers and related technology to empower small business. We have embraced the computer age and invest over 5% of annual revenues on software and hardware upgrades to anticipate and profit from trends which may help our clients.

  • Dual screens for each computer to better utilize paperless office
  • "Paperless" filing system using high speed document scanner and filing software
  • Remote Access to and from our office and clients' offices using various software
  • State of the art remote and local backup systems

We can implement any of these technologies for our clients to provide similar benefits we have received. We embrace new technology as a means to be more productive and provide more service for the same or less cost.

We also offer training and support for high end integrated accounting packages such as MAS90 as well as help with Quicken and QuickBooks at the low end. We have extensive experience in Excel and Word and help with "how do I?" questions over the phone. For more involved accounting and support issues, we bring client data into our office via tape or File Transfer over the Internet.

3828 Canal Street • New Orleans, LA 70119 • 504.482.6661